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by Helen Thomas
Soft cover, perfect binding, 180 × 120mm
48pp, with 24 colour illustrations
Edition of 300

Inclusions presents a collectable, pocket sized edition of 24 drawings from the 700 images currently on the Drawing Matter website. Including sketches by Peter Märkli and Marie-José Van Hee, a Yona Friedman wire structure and finely drafted 18th-century designs, this small compilation explores the range of what an architectural drawing can be. In the course of making the selections, one image was allowed to suggest the next in what Niall Hobhouse describes as a gentle dérive, and this associative rhythm is carried through into the order of the book.

During 2015 and 2016, many different writers have contributed to and some of them are represented here in the texts that accompany the drawings. Each one of these authors has helped to build on an ambition to encourage engagement with architectural drawings through contributing their thoughtful reflection and analysis. Sometimes their response to a drawing or drawings comes from experience as a practicing architect or artist that gives insight into the thought processes and purposes of drawing. Other writings spring from the research of academics and intellectuals, who provide new frameworks for understanding and looking. Their choices invariably push the boundaries of what can be considered an architectural drawing, and this is reflected in the selection for the book.

Published to coincide with the Drawing Matter Colloquium on Architecture and Geology, January 2017, Inclusions is one of a series of publishing experiments by Drawing Matter in producing small editions generated from its activities, including the website. It is also an invitation to writers interested in engaging with architectural drawings to be in touch with the Drawing Matter editors.


Ana Araujo
Basile Baudez
Florian Beigel and Philip Christou
François-Joseph Bélanger
Robert Bray
Olivia Edmondson
Peter Eisenman
Barthélemy Enfantin
Pierre-François-Léonard Fontaine
Yona Friedman
James Gowan
Niall Hobhouse
John Lautner
Nicholas Olsberg
Peter Märkli
Adolfo Natalini
Charles Percier
Walter Pichler
Charles Rice
Aldo Rossi and Jesse Reiser
Jean-Augustin Renard
John Ruskin
Helen Thomas
Marie-José Van Hee
Michael Webb

Published by Drawing Matter, Somerset (2017).