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DM Extracts 1: Where to begin?

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Drawing Matter Extracts 1: Where to begin?
Edited by Niall Hobhouse and Matt Page
Pagination varies, colour
297 × 145 mm. (folded)

Drawing Matter Extracts is a series of informal anthologies that address particular themes or problems in the process of design. Each combines drawings from the Drawing Matter Collection and elsewhere with newly commissioned texts, and others previously published on or found in the architectural library at Shatwell Farm.

The first anthology in the series, ‘Where to Begin?’, presents a survey of architects’ starting points, and is published in three parts, spanning over five-hundred years of architectural practice.

Part I: GO includes drawings by Sir John Soane, James Gowan, Tony Fretton, Adolf Loos, Zaha Hadid, Detmar Blow, Alberto Ponis and Marie-José Van Hee; writing by Ptolemy Dean, Helen Thomas, Reyner Banham; and responses to the question ‘Where to Begin?’ from contemporary practitioners: Patrick Lynch, Mark Dorrian, Marco Pereira, Madelon Vriesendorp, David Kohn, Noreile Breen, Philip Christou, Tom de Paor, William Firebrace, Ben Mullen, Ken Shuttleworth, Antje Freiesleben, Daniel Blum, Paul Vermeulen, Laura Evans, Níall McLaughlin, Stefano Corbo, Lera Samovich, Daniel Turner, Martine Seedorf, Juhani Pallasmaa, Takeshi Hayatsu, Traumnovelle and Margit Kraft. Part II: STEADY includes drawings by Donato Bramante, Álvaro Siza, Elizabeth Hatz, Ove Arup, Ugo La Pietra, Cedric Price, Peter Wilson and Adolfo Natalini; writing by Guido Beltramini, Andrew Clancy, Hugh Pearman, Kate Colquhoun, Florian Beigel and Phillip Christou, Esther McCoy and Louis Sullivan; and responses to the question ‘Where to Begin?’ from contemporary practitioners: Helen Thomas, Matthias Haber, William Mann, Marie-José Van Hee, Eric Jenkins, Mikael Bergquist, Sebastiano Brandolini, Erik Törnkvist, Julian Lewis, Alexander Brodsky, Brian Carter, Françoise Astorg Bollack, Klara Bindl, Jan Peter Wingender, Roz Barr, Justine Bell and Simon Henley. Part III: READY includes drawings by Le Corbusier, Paul Robbrecht, Peter Märkli, Peter Eisenman, ALT Vaudoyer, Giovanni Battista Montano, Aldo Rossi, Ettore Sottsass, Oscar Niemeyer and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe; writing by Stan Allen, Barry Bergdoll, Stefano Corbo, Cedric Price, Dijana O. Apostolski; and responses to the question ‘Where to Begin?’ from contemporary practitioners: David Magennis, David van Zanten, Ryan Kennihan, Andrew Clancy, Brendan Woods, Charlott Greub, Gianni Botsford, Gordon Shrigley, Asli Çiçek, Jonathan Walker, Niall O’Hare, Will Burges, Andrew Budd, Reza Alibadi, Jan Froburg, Johannes Robbrecht, Sebastian Multerer, Gareth Dauncey, Christian Parreno, Matteo Contanzo, Dhruv Mehta and Tony Fretton.

Drawing Matter is offering the set of three volumes of ‘Where to Begin?’ at our printing cost to those involved in architectural education (orders of more than 12 sets; excludes postage). Tutors or groups of students interested in this offer should email for more information.